Experience Our Person Centered Care

NexCare Health System is proud to provide care and service to older adults with a person-centered approach; an approach to health and well-being that upholds personal preferences alongside important clinical care.  This approach to care is a shift away from traditional skilled nursing services, which are often advanced by health care professionals with little input from the older adult.  Rather health care practitioners focus attention on a person’s strengths and abilities, and care and recovery plans are individualized, evolve over time, and aim to achieve the older adult’s goals for health and well-being.   Most importantly, a person-centered approach supports older adults to make informed choices and be an active participant in their experience.  If the person’s goal is to return to independent living with minimal assistance, our goal is to support them to get there.  We also recognize the integral role family members and friends play in a person’s recovery and restoration, therefore concerned others are incorporated in ways that are meaningful to the older adult.

Our commitment to a person-centered approach has been demonstrated by our commitment to employee development.  Every employee has been trained to understand and demonstrate the important foundation principles and practices of person-centered care.  NexCare Health Systems is honored to support the older adults’ right to live life in accordance with their own preferences and choices and privileged to support them in their journey to restoring independence.